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The challenges of a mining project in the exploration and design stage require a systematic communication and relationship process, based on trust-building exercises that facilitate the formation of communities in favor of the mine obtaining key licenses, including the social license to operate and other operating permits.

Since we prioritize anticipation at LLYC, we vow to integrate necessary solutions that consider the expectations of the stakeholders including key players in the industry, the government, regulators, employees, communities, and public opinion to establish mutually beneficial strategies and shared value. We base our decisions on data & analytics to validate and provide solid strategies to accompany you throughout the life of your mine.

How do we interpret and measure the expectations of the key stakeholders regarding the future project?

As a starting point in the development of a comprehensive communication plan, we work with artificial intelligence and predictive modeling tactics that allow us to implement various data collection and analysis methods. The given permits us to understand the project’s context and the expectations it will face from the perspective of all stakeholders.

How do we design and implement CSR strategies since the beginning stages of the project?

Bearing in mind the contribution of communities, the faster a project´s plan advances from an operational standpoint, the easier it becomes to manage relationships. We will help you better understand the needs and wants of your communities to design effective strategies focused on building community engagement based on dialogue, transparency, and shared value. The prior-mentioned is in anticipation of possible legal processes of prior consultation or proactive and non-bidding communication spaces.

How do we successfully craft the project’s surrounding community?

We encourage our clients to go above and beyond just being a “good neighbor” and strive towards consolidating a community befitting the project objectives. To achieve the latter, we create strategies that identify and engage with key clusters with the potential to become brand advocates such as local suppliers, youth, women leaders, etc. Given groups help in the promotion of the company’s mission and vision, as well as the advantages of responsible mining projects. Thus, captivating new audiences that boost the company’s greater purpose.

How do we facilitate the relationship with governments and authorities to obtain licenses and permits?

Through continuous political risk and contingencies analyses, monitoring of legislative initiatives, industry debates, public information, and due diligence that allows for the anticipation of the impacts that political activity could have on the project’s future. Also, we deploy corporate diplomacy methodologies to make public relations an asset that builds synergies and hence facilitates the obtention of permits and operating licenses.



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