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During this extraction phase, we encounter new challenges: the reconfiguration of the workforce, evolution of operational risks, change in expectations from communities, and opponents ready to strike. Thus, it becomes the time to recalculate preventive crisis management, strengthen the work environment, and showcase to external stakeholders the way a successful operation functions by keeping promises and materializing plans. The objective is to deepen trust management.

How do express the organization’s purpose and results differently within the frames of the traditionally reserved mining industry?

LLYC´s slogan Embrace Disruption does not exempt the mining industry since we recognize the contribution and necessity for society´s everyday survival. Such is the reason why we identify the organizational purpose and turn it into creative and emblematic stories that allow for the transmission of the corporate vision and value proposition from an emotional standpoint. Thus, creating meaningful connections with the key audiences across various formats and channels.

How do we solidify the relationship with the communities?

From exploration to construction, to the development of the mine, and throughout its useful life, the development of pro-mining communities must evolve progressively until its consolidation. And as in any relationship, the latter is based on shared value and continuous recalibration, which will vary depending on the expectations of each phase of a project and its contextual social conditions. To achieve these objectives, we set forth constant communication efforts based on interaction models, which capitalize on the plans and programs developed by the company and support social and environmental causes. Initiatives that can be evidenced through success stories.

How do maintain authentic and empathetic communication while the project operates?

People-led communication will always have more credible and genuine effects, than a company transmitting messages through their official channels. Therefore, in addition to a corporate communication ecosystem, we develop ambassador programs so that everyone, ranging from senior managers to those responsible for key areas such as environment or CSR, to all operational levels of the organization can convey their pride in belonging to a mining company that contributes to the development of sustainable communities. We believe planting powerful digital footprints and deploying word-of-mouth power, is one of the main tools that protect reputation.

How do we strengthen our voice through our leaders as a mining company?

Mining corporations are bound to exhibit external pressures and criticism regardless of how environmentally friendly their projects are. It is key for these companies to know how to rephrase negative discourse and voice their sustainability actions. At LLYC, corporate activism is taught through executive coaching. Coaching makes executives better communicators and communicators make better executives. The goal is that leaders in the company become masters at communication who will subsequently embody and become the face of the company’s virtuous behavior. Chosen leaders will epitomize the purpose and good deeds of the company through coaching tools such as conversation, vision, and the management of opinions.

How do consolidate groups of employees so that they stay aligned with the organization’s purpose?

We help you understand the motivations that drive talent, anticipate concerns, discover moments of truth, and act on them to improve commitment while relying on strategies that promote talent engagement under one cohesive narrative.

How to deal with a crisis affecting our reputation?

During the life of a mine, issues with reputational impacts are likely to emerge, some might be easy to resolve, or perhaps their effect will not be as devastating. However, others will require time, strategy, and guidance. After all, reputational problems can arise due to a variety of incidents including real events or even lies planted by opposition groups. Also, they could cover various topics such as environmental management, human rights, talent, security, etc.

The key to managing these situations, in addition to adequate preventive systems, lies in the capacity for contingency. We assertively communicate the impact in a personalized and humane way. Ultimately, we determine solutions and seek ways to capitalize on what happened to recover and improve.



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