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Our communication, marketing, and public affairs solutions will transverse throughout the life of any mining project. We make sure the client’s brand holds a well-defined identity, which will convey the purpose and value of the project internally and externally, ultimately resonating with the stakeholders and inspiring/aligning with professionals to position and help grow our clients in the market.

Our creative studio will design, produce, and carry out branded digital media that bolsters and advocate the site’s strengths and benefits. Moreover, we will make sure to help cement your reputation by revealing imminent risks and threats, uncovering trends, mapping likely events, and designing processes and events to deal with such.

Our team will monitor public opinion of the mining industry as well as the specific client to help make the reputation resilient and turn dangers into opportunities.

Brand Design & Implementation

We create visual brand identities (logotypes and graphic universe) and implement them along with editorial design, signaling, advertising, etc.

Crisis Management

Through reputation crisis management we can minimize the negative impact of hostile conversations so that you continue generating value. We identify business risks that can affect the company from a reputational perspective. We also define action and listening protocols for each possible scenario and prepare the manager´s response capabilities.

Digital Influencer Marketing

We identify and activate the different conversational axes of interest and protagonists within the mining industry that can act as influencers in different communication and marketing actions to amplify the visibility of the narrative.

Business Intelligence

We define and execute architectural systems and data absorption processes, as well as automation and maintenance with the objective of facilitating the processing of significant volumes of information in an automated, accessible, and horizontal way for you.

Social Listening

Tailormade detection, assessment, and monitoring of threats and opportunities reports for reputational conversation in digital media and social networks through social media listening.

Digital Ecosystem Design

Through the conceptualization and design of digital ecosystems, we can better incorporate client objectives in the platforms, content plan, and narrative.

Executive Coaching

Making executives better communicators through executive coaching and communication strategies that leave a significant footprint and contribute to their active voice.

Content Lab

We develop brand content of all types, from fueling social media to production spots and large-format brand films.

Digital Activation Plan

We generate digital audits and recommendations for optimizing existing digital assets, considering the strategic and tactical/operational processes, to enhance the achievement of positive results aligned with your project objectives.

Digital Analytics

Through performance analysis of digital assets, we collect data to support strategic business decision-making aligned with objectives and goals based on metrics.

DAS (Data Analytics Suite)

We identify key insights regarding the evolution of your communities and their narratives to implement effective communication strategies.

Communications & Stakeholders Strategy

We design comprehensive communication strategies and action plans from an anticipatory perspective to strengthen our clients’ trust relationships with their stakeholders.

Purpose Definition

Understanding that the purpose is the motivating axis that gives reason for being to a company and with the vision of activating it assertively based on the expectations of the interest groups, we design plans to define or redesign the corporate purpose.

Social Media (Community Management)

We help define the client’s social media strategy and management of its different profiles (publication and interaction).


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