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Once a mining project is allowed to start construction or the adaptation of the necessary infrastructure to operate, communities and stakeholders recalibrate their expectations; since the extractive phase is near and begins to materialize. Thus, it becomes crucial to possess a communication system that shields the projects and strengthens pro-mining communities by spreading CSR initiatives results, creating conversational and informative digital ecosystems, and building healthy relationships with authorities, the media, and other key groups.

How do we maintain constant and interactive communication channels?

By creating fully equipped digital ecosystems rooted in dialogue, we allow for the reception of information and open conversations among key stakeholders and communities. Such is achieved through the implementation of interactive web pages, search engine optimization (SEO) that increase the visibility of the brand and its key messaging, as well as content development and continuous interaction with targeted audiences using social media management tools.

How do we face critique and those against the project?

We don’t shy away from real interactions and communication. We engage both with allies and opponents, building key, direct messages based on facts and data that manage to demolish myths, deny rumors, generate debates, and balance conversations. For example: How can you contaminate a mine that does not yet exist?

How do we measure reputational risks that may affect the viability of the project?

We understand the preventive risk management nature of mining projects from both operational and reputational perspectives. To anticipate risks and be prepared, we work side by side with areas such as CSR, legal, environmental, and engineering, to understand the possible impacts on safety, water management, soil, air, and other key aspects to swiftly and assertively respond if they materialize, keeping in mind lasting resilience.

How do we express the results of a project that is not yet in operation?

Moving from storytelling to storydoing, whilst at the construction stage, we activate strategic alliances and collaborations with institutions connected with the organizational purpose and goal of CSR. Such will allow for the development of tangible actions that benefit both the communities and local ecosystems, as to generate and communicate a greater impact from the project’s initial phase results.

How do we activate external validators for the project's reputation?

We identify leading and influential voices able to share both their visions and experiences in terms of the perceived benefits of mining projects worldwide. These key players will manage to put into perspective the industry´s relevance as a catalyst for sustainable socio-economic development, as well as other key approaches which add towards building positive reputations.



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